A Look into the world of gaming

Games have always influenced mankind. The oldest of authentic books of history would provide you reference of one kind of game or the other that people used to play at that era. The most popular theory of evolution too professes survival of the fittest, which is indirectly related to gaming. So we can say that the concept of gaming has always been associated with mankind.

As the time passed, science progressed and it influenced our lifestyle. The format of gaming too changed gradually and drastically. While hunting was more of a necessity for a nomadic, it become more of a pleasure for the modern man and for some others it became a reason to protest against cruelty towards animals and an effort to save the endangered species.

In the same way, outdoor games made way for the indoor ones, which were played on electronic media like TV and computers. Efforts were made to enhance their graphics, sounds and other multimedia features to provide them a realistic and exciting look. This format of gaming was well received by the youth, which made them a big hit.

At present, gaming industry is one of the biggest and dominating industry in the market. Every single day witnesses release of some of the biggest games in different genres. There are different kinds of games available in the market to cater the needs of the gamers. Be it adventurous or entertaining, no brainer or strategic, pass time or educational, you name it and there are countless numbers of classic games in every genre.

These games serve multiple purposes as well. While they are surely and mostly made to entertain the gamers, their scope is not limited to mere pass time. Nowadays, the concept of entertaining presentation is becoming universally popular and acceptable. This has inspired the gaming industry to make and promote educational and informational gaming category, which fortunately has also been very well received in the market. 

So now, we have classes in kindergarten and lectures in colleges that have an interesting graphical presentation, which is often funny and entertaining than preachy and boring. The impact of creativity and gaming is continuously influencing the world and it is all for the good! It seems that the new mantra of infotainment is here to stay for long Let us hope that gaming industry blossoms further in future and keeps on providing us a great blend of art, entertainment and education.

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