Animal Jam Codes

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam. New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items!

If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below. These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems. Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.

Working Animal Jam Codes

AJBDAY88th Birthday Cake
junoHidden Juno Statue
adorableotter750 gems
billygoat750 gems
cheerycheetah750 gems
clevercoyote750 gems
coolpolarbear750 gems
cuddlykoala750 gems
curiousraccoon750 gems
dashingdolphin750 gems
fastfalcon750 gems
funnyfox750 gems
fuzzytiger750 gems
happyhyena750 gems
jammerjoey750 gems
livelylynx750 gems
loudlion750 gems
lovablelemur750 gems
luckyllama750 gems
playfulpanda750 gems
poshpig750 gems
quickhorse750 gems
sillyseal750 gems
slowsloth750 gems
sneakycougar750 gems
snowyleopard750 gems
supersheep750 gems
swiftdeer750 gems
touchytoucan750 gems
wileywolf750 gems
wiseowl750 gems
explorer100 gems

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